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What do you do when your clients need a sustainable card that offers true curbside recycling? Arjo Wiggins, a world leader in specialty papers has the solution – SEQUOIA. This new environmentally friendly material is a natural fit for whatever your card needs are Gift, Loyalty, Access, Hotel, Sim, or Prepaid.

Screen-shot-2011-05-18-at-2.42.21-PM-195x300Sequoia is made from 100% certified sustainable wood fiber. Arjo Wiggins has utilized it’s 25 plus years of manufacturing experience to develop a 100% wood fiber based material that looks and performs like plastic, but without the environmental damage or guilt. Sequoia is able to run on the same presses and machinery that produce PVC cards. This eco friendly material allows you to be as creative as you wish. Sequoia can be embossed, mag striped, or foiled, and it takes all forms of personalization. Sequoia is the perfect fit for those companies looking for an easy and true sustainable alternative to PVC.

droppedImageSequoia offers the consumers a product that is certified biodegradable and compostable. There is no need for complicated recycling schemes. When the card is done you simply toss it in the recycle bin. This is easy, quick, true curbside recycling. Best of all, as Sequoia has 0% plastic in its construction, the carbon footprint of the material is 3 times less than that of PVC.

ArjoWiggins has a long established vision of delivering sustainable products in environmentally responsible ways. This is evident in our participation in the WWF’s Climate Savers and Global Forest & Trade Network programs. Arjo Wiggins is a global supplier of specialty papers with 27 manufacturing sites around the world.

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